Thinkbox, the marketing body for UK commercial TV, commissioned house51 to conduct an innovative and ground-breaking study, exploring the mechanics and psychology of TV partnerships.

Our study sought to understand how TV sponsorship works – both on an implicit and explicit level. We used a mixed method approach, encompassing self-ethnography, depth interviews, observation & filming and a large-scale quant survey.

Summarising some of our key findings:
• Programme partnerships drive brand preference. Sponsorship acts as a matchmaker between brand and viewer and allows brand associations to embed more easily in the viewer’s mind
• Programme partnerships drive awareness and brand stature, particularly for low-awareness brands
• Programme partnerships work at an implicit level, creating stronger mental availability for sponsoring brands and driving automatic positive brand associations
• Fit is everything: a strong fit between the brand, programme, creative and increasingly, creative congruence with other forms of advertising activity, magnifies a sponsorship’s effects

You can read more about the results and watch the launch event “Get with the Programmes” on the Thinkbox website