Exploring the unconscious biases of marketers

What We Did

In 2017, Trinity Mirror’s exploration of the declining relevance of brands and advertising revealed an industry increasingly out of touch with its audience. But what if the challenges to re-connect are even deeper than previously thought? Inspired by latest academic research on ‘cognitive diversity’, in 2018 Trinity Mirror Solutions and house51 conducted a ground breaking new study that reveals how the marketing industry have basic values, ‘thinking styles’ and behavioural biases that set them at odds with the ‘ordinary folk’ they are trying to engage and influence. Via a whitepaper and series of events we showed how a greater understanding of unconscious bias is essential to ensuring that marketing and market research fully connect with real people’s lives.


Psychological profiling

Implicit testing

Behavioural experiments

Survey research

What our client said

The project we have just completed with house51 is one of our most exciting and rewarding research collaborations. From day one it was a real meeting of minds. They really embraced the themes we have developed in our previous projects. Their creative application of the latest thinking in cross-cultural psychology has resulted in research that challenges our industry to think and behave differently. ”

– Head of Group Insight