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What We Did

Published in 2021, ‘Signalling Success’ is our multi- award winning collaboration with Thinkbox.

It’s the first UK research dedicated to the behavioural science principle of ‘media signalling’ and provides concrete evidence of how vital brand signals differ dramatically between advertising channels. In advertising, it’s not just what you say, it’s where you say it.

Our research won Gold for Best Trade Body Research at the 2021 Media Week Awards and the 2021 MRG Awards and generated widespread coverage throughout the industry

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Literature review
Psychological profiling
Quantitative survey
Behavioural experiments
Qualitative research

What our client said

I’ve loved working with you guys – you always made our life very easy and the result is always top notch, so thank you! ”

– Head of Research
The endless proliferation of video advertising doesn’t just mean endless new competition for TV; it has encouraged the shorter-sighted to treat all forms of video as equal, to value a view as a view wherever it happens. In this commoditised world, cheapest wins. ‘Signalling Success’ explained why this is catastrophic for effectiveness and the need for great planning which takes environment into account. ”

– Media Week Awards
MediaWeek Gold Award Logo 2021
MediaWeek Gold Award Logo 2021