Mental Availability in the Digital Age

What We Did

Together with Newsworks, house51 launched a white paper exploring the psychology behind shopper decision-making in an online world.

Our multi-faceted project included a wide-ranging review of academic and planning literature and in-depth qualitative and quantitative investigation.

We honed in on the unique psychology of both online and offline shopping and found that Byron Sharp’s central tenet of mental availability should matter to marketers more than ever.

The research was launched at an event at the Everyman Cinema in Manchester in February 2020.

Download the white paper here
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Literatue review

Qualitative research

Psychological profiling 

Quantitive survey

What our client said

From the moment I first met the house51 team, I knew I wanted to work with them. They bring a freshness of thinking and a clever way of applying behavioural science to knotty marketing questions. I set them a big question, to challenge accepted wisdom on mental availability. They proved themselves more than up to the task, and also incredibly adaptable as the goals for the project evolved. Every meeting during the process was a delight, and I always came out of them having learned something new. We’re so pleased with the results, and with the reception we are getting from the advertiser and planning communities. I have no hesitation in recommending house51, a pleasure to work with them.”

Insight Director