Being yourself in life and in work

What We Did

For the past 5 years we have partnered with LinkedIn on a wide range of cross-cultural research projects. And we are proud that LinkedIn describe our work as ‘foundational’ to the development of their global brand strategy, products and content.

In 2021, our latest collaboration focused on exploring people’s perceptions of the future of work across the US, UK, France, Germany, India and Australia.

Adapting frameworks from behavioural psychology, our research mapped needs across cultures and addressed fundamental questions about what it means to be ‘professional’ in today’s workplace.


Literature review
Psychological profiling
Quantitive survey

What our client said

I absolutely loved working with you both. You are truly brilliant researchers! Your partnership and intelligence made it all possible. Your ability to weave in academic frameworks brought a level of rigor I haven’t seen in a long time, and gave me and the team such confidence in the insights we garnered.

Thank you.”

– Brand Strategy Director