Understanding the ‘choice architecture’ of TV

What We Did

Since 2016, house51 has delivered a range of projects for ITV working across audience, marketing and commercial teams. Here are a few of the highlights: Tracking implicit drivers of trust in evening news and how this can be leveraged to build the audience for ITV News, exploring needs for ‘pleasure and purpose’ at breakfast time to inform the growth strategy for GMB, measuring the contextual power of ITV daytime content in augmenting receptivity and response to advertising


Psychological profiling

Implicit testing

Behavioural experiments

Survey research

Literature review

What our client said

Can I just say how grateful we are for all the fantastic projects that you deliver for us. You never fail to surprise us, in what you are able to bring to our creative teams. There are a small and select upper band of agencies that will listen, gauge, interpret and over deliver to what you were after. house51 lead this upper band, being both very talented and remaining hungry in the projects that they tackle. They remain our ‘agency find’ of 2016. ”

– Controller of Audiences