We are a people centred research and strategy collective. We provide real world understanding to help our clients develop better products and services. We champion creativity and innovative working practices to help people realise the full potential of their ideas.


Our Values

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    ‘I think we all have empathy. We may
    not have enough courage to display it.’

    Maya Angelou

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    Life-Long Learning

    ‘Try to learn something about everything
    and everything about something.’

    Thomas Huxley

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    ‘Every collaboration helps you grow.’

    Brian Eno

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    ‘If you can’t explain it to a six year old,
    you don’t understand it yourself.’

    Albert Einstein

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    ‘To thine own self be true…’

    William Shakespeare

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    Everyday Language

    ‘Our business is infested with idiots
    who try to impress by using pretentious jargon.’

    David Ogilvy



We work with a wide range of partners and ‘hands on’ senior consultants to provide a powerful, scalable and cost effective alternative to the traditional agency model.

Ian Murray

Formerly Managing Partner of Hall & Partners Europe and MD of Infotools Europe, Ian is a co-founder of house51. His restless curiosity has driven a diverse career that encompasses academic research on local citizenship and social business and commercial leadership positions delivering brands and communications research and social media and data visualisation solutions to many of the world’s leading brands.

Ian is a postgraduate researcher in Behavioural Economics at City University and his iconoclastic blogs about the future direction of the research industry can be read on various platforms.

Catherine Heaney

Catherine is a former Director at Conquest and has over 13 years’ experience specialising in brand and communications and innovation research. She has a wide range of experience working across diverse sectors for many of the world’s largest brands.

Prior to co-founding house51 Catherine established a successful consultancy practice which collaborated with several leading UK research agencies.

With a BSc Social Psychology, Catherine has an innate curiosity about people and a desire to understand what makes them ‘tick’.

Dr Alastair Goode

Ali has a reputation for helping businesses apply techniques used in the academic study of the mind to solve commercial challenges. He worked as an academic psychologist for 10 years as part of the psycholinguistics group at Sussex University.

In the last 12 years he has partnered many blue chip brands in applying psychology, psycholinguistics, behavioural economics and neuro-scientific approaches. His work has won multiple awards from the MRS, Media Week, MRG and The Drum, and he has also been a judge for the IPA awards.


How We Work


In business the illusion of certainty is powerful and seductive. It’s easy to lose touch with what happens ‘out there’ in the real world beyond the strategy and targets. So, we help business people think like real people by embracing







We are optimists. We are sceptics.
We believe in rigour. But we are not purists.
We aim to simplify. But we are never simplistic.


What We Do

Strategic Market

From original work encompassing the full spectrum of research approaches to the repurposing of existing data and knowledge, we draw on the latest thinking in business, public policy, academia and the creative industries to maximise value, impact and understanding.


Our behavioural research and experiments combine conventional research approaches with the latest academic thinking from the social and behavioural sciences to focus understanding on homo sapiens, not homo economicus.

Leadership And

Same old thing in brand new drag? Our provocative custom reports delight in finding the path less travelled…

Training and Change

Insight isn’t a product. It is a culture. Our consultancy and training  services apply behavioural economics principles to empower our clients to embrace change and see, feel, think and do things differently.


Half of the human brain is dedicated to making sense of visual imagery and stimulus. From graphic recording to infographics, we maximise engagement and sharing by embedding visual storytelling in everything we do.

Content Generation and Engagement

Opinion research that generates topical content and exposure for your brand or cause.


Our Expertise

Strategy & Planning

  • Purpose and values
  • Culture and employee engagement
  • Positioning
  • Product, policy and service development
  • Segmentation
  • Concept testing
  • Creative development and copy testing
  • Building insights culture and capability
  • Social norms, attitudes and behaviour
  • Corporate reputation
  • Brand equity
  • Usage and attitudes
  • User experience & service evaluation
  • Customer journey
  • Communications evaluation


How We Do It

  • There’s much to do

    Our proprietary study provides a new perspective on ‘mindful consumerism’ and the trust that people place in their fellow citizens, political and business leaders and 60 of the UK’s top brands.

  • Trust is low

  • Politics is in crisis

  • People trust brands

  • Good citizenship?

  • Mindful behaviour?

  • Taking the lead

  • The innovation fallacy

    Talk of innovation is rife in market research, but is the industry’s gaze too focused on new technology? house51 thinks it’s time for a paradigm shift.

    This article featured on Research Live – read more here.

  • Multi-tasking may be cool, but it makes you a fool

    Behavioural Science shows that multi-tasking is a myth.  It makes us less happy and less productive.  Maybe tech should help us focus on doing one thing at a time.

    This article featured on Brand Republic’s Wallblog – read more here.


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